Exhibition Appointments Networking

A BPMA & Sourcing City Event

For All Professional Distributors

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th September 2017

NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire CV8 2LG

Wander the Stands, Make Appointments, or Both!

Dates for 2018: Wednesday 31st January & Thursday 1st February 2018 at The Wing, Silverstone Circuit, NN12 8TN

Registered Visitors: 570  ... So far! – and more still registering

A great show is about quality, not quantity

Company NameNo.of VisitorsCountyCountry
1 World Print 1 London UK
13 Design Ltd 1 Midlothian UK
2 Cool Promos 1 Hertfordshire UK
4Couture.Com 2 Dorset UK
A and J Promotions 2 Leicestershire UK
A Badge Design 2 Gloucestershire UK
A1 Press Ltd 1 West Yorkshire UK
AB Branding Ltd 1 London UK
AB Print Group Ltd 2 West Yorkshire UK
Acorn Printing Services Ltd 2 West Midlands UK
Activate Branding Ltd 3 London UK
AD Merchandise 6 Greater Manchester UK
Adare International 1 Hampshire UK
AdGiftsOnline Ltd 2 Staffordshire UK
Affinity Merchandise 1 Berkshire UK
Alert Marketing Ltd 2 Surrey UK
Aliant Brands Ltd 3 Buckinghamshire UK
All In One Marketing 1 Hertfordshire UK
All Things Management 1 Northamptonshire UK
Allen Diskin Gifts 1 Hampshire UK
Allwag Promotions Ltd 12 Essex UK
AMT Marketing 2 Surrey UK
Anwell Ltd 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Apple Print & Creative 3 Berkshire UK
Apprintable Ltd 3 London UK
AQ Branding Solutions Ltd 1 Surrey UK
Aquatint BSC Ltd 1 London UK
ASP Promotions 2 West Midlands UK
Aspect Corporate Clothing Ltd 1 London UK
Aspect CPM (UK) Ltd 1 West Yorkshire UK
Assured Clothing & Workwear 3 Suffolk UK
BBLC 1 London UK
BDA Inc. 7 London UK
Beechleigh Promotions Ltd 1 Surrey UK
Beeline Advertising Products Ltd 1 Nottinghamshire UK
Beeline Promotional Products 2 West Midlands UK
Beigebell Ltd 2 Surrey UK
BEP Gifts 1 Cheshire UK
BG Promotions 1 Middlesex UK
Bilko 4 London UK
Blank Group Ltd 4 Glamorgan Wales
B-Loony 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Blue Fish Promotional Merchandise 3 Hertfordshire UK
Blue Mole Promotional 1 Hertfordshire UK
Blue Star Print Solutions 1 Northamptonshire UK
Blue Step Solutions Ltd 3 Northamptonshire UK
BlueLime Promotions 1 Hertfordshire UK
BMM Ltd 1 Wiltshire UK
Boomerang Marketing Consultants 1 Devon UK
BOS Design & Print 1 South Yorkshire UK
BPMA 2 Surrey UK
Brand Addition Ltd 14 Greater Manchester UK
Brand Logo Here 1 London UK
Brand Masters London Ltd (The) 1 Middlesex UK
Brand10 Ltd 1 Middlesex UK
Brandability Group UK 2 Worcestershire UK
Brandably 1 Lancashire UK
BrandArt 2 Essex UK
Branded Merchandise Company 1 London UK
Brandelity 2 Berkshire UK
Branding First 2 Hertfordshire UK
BS Business Services Ltd 3 Leicestershire UK
BX Merchandise 3 London UK
Clear Branding 2 Worcestershire UK
CM Brand 1 West Midlands UK
Coast Promotions Ltd 4 Kent UK
Code Print 1 Nottinghamshire UK
Colprint & Design 1 Hertfordshire UK
Community Communication Ltd 1 North Yorkshire UK
Connect Promotions 3 County Cork Ireland
Cornflower Ltd 1 Berkshire UK
Corporate Trade Supplies 3 North Yorkshire UK
CPM Ltd 1 Avon UK
Creative Emporium 5 West Yorkshire UK
Creative Merchandise 2 Bedfordshire UK
Creative X Ltd 2 Surrey UK
Cyan Group Ltd 7 Middlesex UK
Cybergroup (UK) Ltd 2 Lancashire UK
David Charles Embroidery & Screen Print 1 Surrey UK
Demomaster 1 Northamptonshire UK
Direct Clothing 1 Berkshire UK
Direct Marketing Ltd 2 West Yorkshire UK
Direct4Logos 1 Hampshire UK
Dowlis Inspired Branding Ltd 5 Surrey UK
Dr1va 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Drayton Gifts Ltd 4 Berkshire UK
Dread Ltd 1 Buckinghamshire UK
DS Group (The) 2 Essex UK
Dynamite Promotions UK Ltd 1 Surrey UK
EC Ltd 1 Hampshire UK
Ellcod 1 Hertfordshire UK
Ellenell Ltd 1 London UK
Encore Catalogue Group 1 Greater Manchester UK
ESM Branding Ltd 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Essential Promotions 2 West Yorkshire UK
Etc. Branding 2 Hampshire UK
Event Eyecandy 1 Hertfordshire UK
Event Merchandising Ltd 1 London UK
Extra Step Ltd (The) 1 Bedfordshire UK
Extravaganza 1 Leicestershire UK
FDR Promotions 1 Hampshire UK
Fifth Column 1 London UK
Finesse Productions 1 Lancashire UK
Five Star Trophies 1 Hertfordshire UK
Flotolove 1 Leicestershire UK
Fluid Branding Ltd - HQ 3 Cornwall UK
Fluid Branding Ltd (Leeds) 1 West Yorkshire UK
Future Promo 1 Powys UK
Galpeg Ltd 7 London UK
GB Merchandise Ltd 1 London UK
Geiger 13 Middlesex UK
Getting Personal Ltd 1 Greater Manchester UK
Gift Tags 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Giftfinder Ltd 3 Surrey UK
Giftpoint Ltd 2 Middlesex UK
Gilt Edged Promotions Ltd 1 Northamptonshire UK
Ginger Print Solutions Ltd 2 Leicestershire UK
GPS Business Gifts 1 Hertfordshire UK
Graham Taylor Engravers Ltd 1 Kent UK
Great Branding Company 2 Bedfordshire UK
GT Print & Design 2 Hertfordshire UK
H Consulting Ltd 2 Middlesex UK
Hackin Ltd 2 Lancashire UK
Harlequin Clothing, Print & Signage Ltd 2 Hampshire UK
Hawk Cricket & Leisure Ltd 3 Worcestershire UK
Haynes Mear Communications 2 Bedfordshire UK
Heads Up PGB Ltd 1 Essex UK
Heartlands Business Gifts Ltd 1 West Midlands UK
HMA Creative 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Hospitality AV 1 Essex UK
HRG Ltd 3 Northamptonshire UK
Impack Apparel Ltd 1 County Durham UK
Impress Branded 2 London UK
Impress Ipswich 1 Suffolk UK
Im-Press Promotions Watford 2 Hertfordshire UK
Indigo Clothing Ltd 2 Essex UK
Indigo Promotions Ltd 1 Cheshire UK
Initial Incentives Ltd 4 Middlesex UK
Inner Workings Europe 1 West Midlands UK
Insinc 2 Leicestershire UK
Inspire Promotional Products 2 Warwickshire UK
Interprint Swindon 1 Wiltshire UK
Involution Ltd 6 West Yorkshire UK
J&A (International) Ltd 1 Lincolnshire UK
Jack Nadel International Ltd (London) 3 London UK
JPP Ltd 2 Bedfordshire UK
Juice Promotions 1 Hertfordshire UK
Justso 3 Kent UK
Kall Kwik UK 1 Middlesex UK
Keylogo Ltd 1 Essex UK
Limelight Publicity 3 Hertfordshire UK
Liquid Bubble 3 Middlesex UK
LKG Merchandise 1 Surrey UK
Logo Promo Ltd 1 Leicestershire UK
Logo Promotional Merchandising Ltd 1 West Yorkshire UK
Love Branding 2 Buckinghamshire UK
M&M Printing & Promotions Ltd 1 Gloucestershire UK
Magic Touch (GB) Ltd (The) 1 Bedfordshire UK
Malachite Promotions 1 Greater Manchester UK
Manic Merchandise 1 Essex UK
Marke Creative Merchandise 17 Surrey UK
Marketing Impressions 2 County Dublin Ireland
Marmalade Merchandise 1 North Yorkshire UK
Meco Merchandise 1 Hampshire UK
Media Hut 2 Nottinghamshire UK
Meluba Ltd 1 Northamptonshire UK
Memento Gifts Ltd 1 North Yorkshire UK
Merch Box (The) 1 Hertfordshire UK
Merchandise Branded Ltd 1 Middlesex UK
Merchandise Branding Ltd 2 Gloucestershire UK
Merchandise Partnership Ltd (The) 2 Greater Manchester UK
Metro Merchandise 3 Northamptonshire UK
Minuteman Press (Oxford) 1 Oxfordshire UK
Monster Parties Trade Ltd 1 Essex UK
moreprint 1 Kent UK
Mugmental 2 Northamptonshire UK
My Advantage Ltd 1 Berkshire UK
N2 Group 2 Hertfordshire UK
Neon Street 3 Suffolk UK
Nettl 3 Gloucestershire UK
Nine 8 Nine Design & Print 1 Surrey UK
Not Another Pen 1 Hertfordshire UK
Office Depot 1 Leicestershire UK
Office Works Nationwide (The) 4 Middlesex UK
Onbrand Merchandise Ltd 1 Buckinghamshire UK
Orb Group (London) Ltd 3 London UK
Original Thing 1 Middlesex UK
Osmosis Promotional Products Ltd 2 London UK
OT Group Ltd 1 West Midlands UK
PA Promotions 5 Glamorgan Wales
PAGE Partnership (The) 2 Warwickshire UK
Paragon Customer Communications Ltd 3 London UK
Parkes Print and Design 1 Bedfordshire UK
Paul Dazemorr Gifts 1 Shropshire UK
PCM UK 1 Middlesex UK
Peachey Promotions 1 Suffolk UK
Per Annum Ltd 1 Surrey UK
Pillory Barn Design 1 Kent UK
Pinfold Promotions Ltd 2 Nottinghamshire UK
Pinksheep Marketing Ltd 2 Surrey UK
Positive Branding 1 London UK
Premier Print & Promotions Ltd 1 Essex UK
Premier Promotional Products 1 Kent UK
Premium Incentives Ltd 1 West Sussex UK
Pressplus Ltd 1 Dorset UK
Print Consultancy (The) 1 Surrey UK
Print Run 1 Oxfordshire UK
Print Solutions Europe 1 West Midlands UK
Print4UK 2 London UK
Printing & Mailing Company (The) 1 Bedfordshire UK
Pro-Ad Ltd 1 Northumberland UK
ProComm Partners 2 Netherlands
Product Network Ltd 2 Middlesex UK
Project Merchandise 3 London UK
Promark Promotions Ltd 1 Berkshire UK
Promidea Promotional Gifts 1 Poland
Prominate UK 12 Bedfordshire UK
Promo 2U 1 London UK
Promolab Merchandise 2 London UK
Promotion Ideas Ltd 1 Essex UK
Promotional Merchandise UK Ltd 2 Greater Manchester UK
Promotional Prints Coventry 2 West Midlands UK
Promotional Products Ireland 1 Ireland
Promotional Solutions UK Ltd 1 Leicestershire UK
Promotions International Ltd 1 Middlesex UK
Prontaprint Uxbridge 1 Middlesex UK
Quires Ltd 2 Buckinghamshire UK
Racey Graphics Ltd 1 Cheshire UK
Raphael Design Ltd 2 Staffordshire UK
RCS Design 1 Cambridgeshire UK
Recognition Express Hull and East Riding 1 North Yorkshire UK
Recognition Express Ltd 2 Leicestershire UK
Red Eye Innovations Ltd 1 Suffolk UK
Red Rocko 1 Avon UK
Redbrand part of The Redbox Group 3 Surrey UK
Redrok UK Ltd 2 Devon UK
Reekaz 1 Leicestershire UK
Reflex International Ltd 1 Essex UK
Reflex Print Solutions 1 Derbyshire UK
Richardson Promotional Goods 2 County Dublin Ireland
Rimano 1 Norfolk UK
Rivington Press Ltd 2 Hertfordshire UK
Roantree Incentive Marketing 2 Buckinghamshire UK
samedaybags.com 1 Monmouthshire Wales
SB Print 2 Worcestershire UK
Schoolwear Ireland 1 County Dublin Ireland
SDL Group Ltd 1 Lancashire UK
Select Business Gifts 1 Merseyside UK
SET Marketing Ltd 1 Hampshire UK
SGL Print and Design Ltd 1 Northamptonshire UK
Sheng Nuo Ltd 1 Hertfordshire UK
Signature Trading Ltd 1 Leicestershire UK
Silverporth Ltd 1 Cheshire UK
Sional Ltd 1 Gwynedd Wales
Smart Communications (SW) Ltd 2 Gloucestershire UK
Soopa Doopa Branding Ltd 2 Cambridgeshire UK
Sourcer (The) 2 Avon UK
Sourcing Team (The) 2 Surrey UK
Spectrum Merchandising Ltd 3 Essex UK
Spinback Productions Ltd 1 Devon UK
Status PM 1 Essex UK
Stay Sourced Ltd 3 West Yorkshire UK
Storm International 2 South Yorkshire UK
Streamline Corporate 3 Midlothian Scotland
Sussex Promotions Ltd 1 East Sussex UK
Swag Creative Ltd 4 South Yorkshire UK
Sycal 3 Bedfordshire UK
Taylor Made Promotions Ltd 1 Essex UK
TC Branding Group 7 Buckinghamshire UK
TeamTogs Ltd 1 Hertfordshire UK
Think Global 1 Essex UK
Tiger Ink Ltd 2 Hampshire UK
Toast Promotional Products 1 East Sussex UK
Tomato Source Ltd 2 Avon UK
Trade Gift Solutions Ltd 1 West Midlands UK
Trademark Clothing & Gifts 2 Hampshire UK
Treacle Factory 1 Bedfordshire UK
Trust Red 2 Tyne & Wear UK
TSA Ltd 1 Surrey UK
TTP Promotional Merchandise 1 Essex UK
Twelve NYC 2 London UK
Twenty Twenty (Promotional) Ltd 1 West Midlands UK
U Group Ltd (The) 1 West Midlands UK
U Name It Promotions 1 North Yorkshire UK
UKOS 1 Hertfordshire UK
Ulterior Motifs Ltd 5 London UK
Ultimate Marketing Co Ltd (The) 1 Greater Manchester UK
Various Group (The) 1 Northamptonshire UK
Vibrant Colour 2 Cambridgeshire UK
We Brand It 2 Berkshire UK
We Love Merchandise 1 London UK
Woodblock Ltd 2 Surrey UK
Wordflow Ltd 1 London UK
Wurlin 2 Somerset UK
Zagwear Inc. 2 Berkshire UK
Zest Promotional 1 Greater Manchester UK
Zippy Promos 1 Cheshire UK
Zolitayre 1 Derbyshire UK

Want to speak to a member of our team? Please call...

0844 504 5006

Merchandise World is an event for Professional Distributors only

Merchandise World: New Year Event

Weds 26th & Thurs 27th January 2022

at CBS Arena, Coventry, CV6 6GE


Ella Long or Liz Newton
Email: info@merchandiseworld.co.uk
Tel: 0844 504 5006
Intl. calls: +44 1252 701034

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