Exhibition Appointments Networking

A BPMA & Sourcing City Event

For All Professional Distributors

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th September 2017

NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire CV8 2LG

Wander the Stands, Make Appointments, or Both!

Dates for 2018: Wednesday 31st January & Thursday 1st February 2018 at The Wing, Silverstone Circuit, NN12 8TN

Registered Visitors: 285  ... So far! – and more still registering

A great show is about quality, not quantity

Company NameNo.of VisitorsStatusCountyCountry
1st Print & Promotions Ltd 2 i  Silver East Yorkshire UK
A and J Promotions 1 i  Silver Leicestershire UK
AB Branding Ltd 1 i  Silver London UK
Abbey Print Ltd 1 i  Crystal Lincolnshire UK
Adline Personalised Products 1 i  Silver Renfrewshire Scotland
AdValue Marketing 2 i  Crystal Essex UK
Alan Salter Ltd 1 i  Silver London UK
Alert Marketing Ltd 1 i  Silver Surrey UK
AMT Marketing 1 i  Diamond Surrey UK
Another Planet 2 i  Silver Cambridgeshire UK
AQ Branding Solutions Ltd 2 i  Silver Surrey UK
Aquatint BSC Ltd 1 i  Crystal London UK
Arcadia Corporate Merchandise Ltd 1 i  Platinum Buckinghamshire UK
Assured Clothing & Workwear 2 i  Granite Suffolk UK
Attention 2 Detail 2 i  Silver Somerset UK
Award Signs & Business Gifts 2 i  Crystal Cheshire UK
Bateman Promo 1 i  Crystal Derbyshire UK
Baze Associates Ltd 1 i  Silver West Sussex UK
Beeline Advertising Products Ltd 1 i  Gold Nottinghamshire UK
Beeline Promotional Products 2 i  Diamond West Midlands UK
Biblio Products Ltd 1 i  Diamond Buckinghamshire UK
Big Bird Sports (UK) Ltd 1 i  Silver Hertfordshire UK
BlueLime Promotions 1 i  Silver Hertfordshire UK
Brand Addition Ltd 2 i  Platinum Greater Manchester UK
Brand Impression Ltd 2 i  Silver North Yorkshire UK
Branding365 Ltd 3 i  Silver Cheshire UK
Brandroom (The) 1 i  Gold London UK
Brodwaith Cyf 1 i  Crystal Conwy Wales
Broom Incentives 1 i  Silver Glamorgan Wales
Buy Promo Products Ltd 1 i  Crystal Nottinghamshire UK
BX Merchandise 2 i  Silver London UK
Calendar Lady Promotions 4 i  Gold Herefordshire UK
Chequers UK 2 i  Gold West Midlands UK
Chilli Promotional Products Ltd 2 i  Silver Oxfordshire UK
Club Row Creations Ltd 1 i  Diamond London UK
Clydeforth Promotional Products 1 i  Silver Lanarkshire Scotland
Code Promotional Merchandise Ltd 1 i  Gold Lancashire UK
Colour Source 1 i  Silver Worcestershire UK
Complete Office Products Ltd 1 i  Granite West Midlands UK
Contrac 2 i  Gold East Yorkshire UK
Cornflower Ltd 2 i  Silver Berkshire UK
Cre8tive Brand Ideas 1 i  Silver West Midlands UK
Crisp Branding 6 i  Silver Staffordshire UK
Diamond Branded 1 i  Silver Worcestershire UK
Direct Marketing Ltd 3 i  Diamond West Yorkshire UK
Direct Promotions (North West) Ltd 1 i  Silver Cheshire UK
Direct4Logos 1 i  Crystal Hampshire UK
Driving Sales Ltd 2 i  Crystal Worcestershire UK
Econoprint UK Ltd 1 i  Gold Essex UK
Ernex Group 1 i  Granite London UK
Event Merchandising Ltd 1 i  Platinum London UK
Expert Print Management Ltd 2 i  Silver Norfolk UK
Face Media Group 2 i  Crystal East Sussex UK
Favour Haven 1 i  Crystal Hertfordshire UK
FDR Promotions 1 i  Silver Hampshire UK
Fings Ltd 2 i  Silver Derbyshire UK
Flourish Promotional Marketing 1 i  Silver Middlesex UK
Fluid Branding (Manchester Office) 1 i  Platinum Greater Manchester UK
Fluid Branding (North East Office) 1 i  Platinum North Yorkshire UK
Fluid Branding Ltd 10 i  Platinum Cornwall UK
Fluid Branding Ltd (Leeds Office) 2 i  Platinum West Yorkshire UK
Fluid Branding Ltd (London Office) 1 i  Platinum London UK
Fluid Branding Ltd (Plymouth Office) 3 i  Platinum Devon UK
Fluid Branding Ltd (Suffolk Office) 8 i  Diamond Suffolk UK
Focus Promotions Ltd 1 i  Gold Nottinghamshire UK
Formkraft Promotional Merchandise 3 i  Gold South Yorkshire UK
Galpeg Ltd 1 i  Platinum London UK
GeigerBTC 2 i  Platinum Middlesex UK
Gift Innovations 1 i  Crystal County Limerick Ireland
Giftfinder & Co 1 i  Diamond Surrey UK
Gifthorse Promotions 1 i  Gold Wiltshire UK
Global Promotional Solutions Ltd 2 i  Crystal Glamorgan UK
Glue Creative Product Solutions Ltd 1 i  Silver South Yorkshire UK
Hambleside Merchandise Ltd 2 i  Diamond Hampshire UK
Herberts Trading Company Ltd (The) 1 i  Crystal Cambridgeshire UK
Highlands 1 i  Silver Hertfordshire UK
Hound Promotions Ltd 1 i  Silver Cornwall UK
HRG Ltd 5 i  Granite Northamptonshire UK
I4C Publicity 1 i  Crystal West Midlands UK
Ice Communication 1 i  Granite Hampshire UK
Ignite Incentives Group 1 i  Platinum Somerset UK
Immersive Brands 1 i  Crystal London UK
Im-Press Promotions Watford 1 i  Crystal Hertfordshire UK
In the Bag Creative Promotions 1 i  Granite County Wicklow Ireland
Instant Sourcing 1 i  Silver Berkshire UK
Irongate Group Ltd (The) 1 i  Silver Derbyshire UK
Jakki 2KY Ltd 2 i  Crystal Buckinghamshire UK
James Ellis Ltd 1 i  Crystal Hampshire UK
JPP Ltd 1 i  Silver Bedfordshire UK
JWA Promotional Products Ltd 1 i  Gold County Londonderry Northern Ireland
Keyvision Marketing 1 i  Crystal Lincolnshire UK
LimaLima Ltd 2 i  Granite Conwy Wales
Logo Promotional Merchandising Ltd 1 i  Crystal West Yorkshire UK
Love Merchandise Ltd 1 i  Granite Berkshire UK
Media Hut 2 i  Gold Nottinghamshire UK
Merrison Ltd 2 i  Silver Buckinghamshire UK
Metro Merchandise 2 i  Crystal Northamptonshire UK
M-Four Promotions 1 i  Silver Berkshire UK
Monk Marketing Franchising Ltd 1 i  Crystal East Sussex UK
MSL Designs Group Ltd 1 i  Silver Dorset UK
Native Promotions 1 i  Crystal Essex UK
One Stop Promotions Ltd (HQ) 1 i  Platinum Leicestershire UK
Original Thing 1 i  Silver Middlesex UK
P3 Promotions 1 i  Crystal Surrey UK
Page Partnership (The) 3 i  Platinum Warwickshire UK
Paper Round Promotional 1 i  Silver London UK
Paragon 1 i  Silver London UK
Pearl Promotions 1 i  Gold London UK
Personalizer (The) 1 i  Silver County Dublin Ireland
Phase 4 Ltd 1 i  Diamond Middlesex UK
Pierce Printellect Promotional Products 1 i  Silver County Antrim Northern Ireland
Pink Sheep Marketing Ltd 6 i  Crystal Surrey UK
Plop Projects Ltd 1 i  Crystal Surrey UK
Premier Print & Promotions Ltd 24 i  Platinum Essex UK
Prestige Giftware Ltd 1 i  Crystal Cambridgeshire UK
Print Sellers (The) 1 i  Granite Somerset UK
Printable Promotions 1 i  Silver Leicestershire UK
Printkick Ltd 1 i  Gold Buckinghamshire UK
Proforma Promotional Solutions 2 i  Silver Hertfordshire UK
Promo International Ltd 1 i  Diamond Essex UK
Promolab Merchandise 2 i  Silver London UK
Promotif Ltd 1 i  Silver Roxburghshire Scotland
Promotion Ideas Ltd 1 i  Silver Essex UK
Promotions International Ltd 2 i  Crystal Middlesex UK
PSI (Reed Exhibitions) 1   International Germany
Pugh's Colourprint (UK) Ltd 1 i  Granite Breconshire UK
Purple Polly 1 i  Crystal Essex UK
Raphael Design Ltd 2 i  Crystal Staffordshire UK
Recognition Express Hereford & Worcester 1 i  Silver Worcestershire UK
Recognition Express Ltd 1 i  Platinum Leicestershire UK
Recognition Express Mid Surrey 1 i  Silver Surrey UK
Red Fox Promotions 1 i  Crystal Cheshire UK
Redrok UK Ltd 4 i  Diamond Devon UK
Reflex Marketing & Promotions Ltd 1 i  Platinum West Sussex UK
Rivington Press Ltd 5 i  Crystal Hertfordshire UK
Roantree Incentive Marketing 1 i  Diamond Buckinghamshire UK
Rotary Creative Print 1 i  Granite Worcestershire UK
Russell Printers Ltd 1 i  Granite West Midlands UK
SET Marketing Ltd 1 i  Silver Hampshire UK
Severn C Products 1 i  Crystal Lincolnshire UK
Something Different (UK) Ltd 1 i  Gold Worcestershire UK
Spinback Productions Ltd 1 i  Granite Devon UK
SVC Creative 2 i  Granite Bedfordshire UK
Tagline Promotional Products Ltd 1 i  Crystal Derbyshire UK
Tall Order Promotions Ltd 1 i  Crystal West Midlands UK
Tall Order Too Ltd 1 i  Silver Staffordshire UK
Tapastuff ltd 3 i  Silver Nottinghamshire UK
Tara Slevin Group 1 i  Gold County Dublin Ireland
Taylored Promotions 1 i  Crystal Norfolk UK
TC Branding Group 7 i  Platinum Buckinghamshire UK
Toast Promotional Products 3 i  Crystal East Sussex UK
Tony Schaffer Agencies Ltd 1 i  Granite Surrey UK
Twenty Twenty (Promotional) Ltd 1 i  Crystal West Midlands UK
U Name It Promotions 9 i  Diamond North Yorkshire UK
Ulterior Motifs Ltd 3 i  Silver London UK
Vibrant Colour 1 i  Crystal Cambridgeshire UK
XL Office Solutions 1 i  Crystal Greater Manchester UK
Zippy Promos 2 i  Silver Lancashire UK

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Merchandise World is an event for Professional Distributors only

Merchandise World: New Year Event

Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st Jan 2019

at NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, CV8 2LG


Ella Long or Liz Young
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Tel: 0844 504 5006
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